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Hello for about the last week I have been having some strange sensations. At first I couldn't feel whether my bladder was full and if I needed to go to the toilet. Now I have this numbness in my vagina and have lack of feeling, still with the problems of not being able to feel my bladder. I then getting a stabbing pain on my right side and it feels like I am being stabbed with a knife up there. After this I have a burning sensation and then it goes, and the cycle starts again. I have been to the doctors and I don't have any infections and they told me to mention it at my hospital appointment next week. I was just wondering if anyone else suffers with this problem and knows what causes it or how to stop it.

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Lack if sensation / bladder control can be an issue with your nerves and something compressing them. Do you have any symptoms like back ache / head ache? X


I have had some serious back ache but its moved up from the bottom of my back to the middle, and bow my ribs are just sore. I have also been having problems with my right leg going numb, which made me think its possibly something to do with a nerve. X


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