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It really is driving me insane. If anyone had constant pain and bleeding all the time the doctor would be treating it as an emergency. But no, because it's 'gyne related' we are meant to carry on as normal. Aghhhhh.

Only having a rant because despite being diagnosed years with endo the doctor insists on sending me for a scan ( which reveals nothing as per), then after waiting for that having to wait for appointment with the gyne, to then have to wait for a another lap.... In the mean time my biological clock is ticking. As I am reminded by the surgeon each time..... The cycle goes on.

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Having Scans is VERY useful - because we are so prone to getting ovarian cysts and they are the main causes of daily pains rather than menstrual cycle pains of endo.

Scans can also spot if the fallopian tubes have swollen up (hydrosalpinx) and can spot if adhesions have twisted or stuck ovaries in the wrong place causing pain, they can also detect any significant constrictions of the bowel that the adhesions may have caused.

they can pick up if the tummy is filling with blood or other fluids from leaking or burst cysts or endo bleeds pooling in a particular place.

So don't knock the scans - they won't see endo itself - but they can pick up so many other closely related complications of having advancing endo disease and some may need urgent surgery.

Slight inconvenience to have a scan but they can tell a lot about the health of the pelvic organs even when they don't show up endo specifically.


I see. It's such a shame medical professionals here don't explain things as well as you do, it would lead to a lot less frustration. I think it's probably the long wait between referral, scan, then back to doctors, then referral to gyne, then appointment that also gets frustrating. Hoping this time to go private through healthcare at work to speed things up. I can't knock the old NHS for the standard of care we get once we are seen but as u know waiting lists can be a nightmare. Esp when someone is in pain and my biological clock is ticking. Again thank u for your excellent help x


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