Coming off zoladex and wanting to try for baby soon

Hi, I have been on zoladex for 2.5 years and stopped taking it in August. I was told it would be out of my system in 12 weeks. So were practising safe sex. I had blood tests this week to check my hormone levels and to see if my ovaries have kicked in yet. I'm dreading the results. we want to start trying for a family next year so I'm anxious. Does anyone have any similar experience??? Thanks for your help x

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  • Hi there, I noticed your post because I am in a similar situation. I have had 4 months on zoladex to treat moderate endo which was finally diagnosed in august after 6 long year's of pain and infertility. I adopted my daughter last year and would also like to try for another child. I spoke to my doctor on Monday when I had the injection and he he said it wasn't harmful to try straight away and that sex was so important to a relationship that it would be a tragedy to hurt your relationship over trying for a baby. I thought that was great advice and put my mind at rest. I hope it helps you and I wish u all the best. It might take your ovaries etc a bit more time to wake up nut try not to panic. My girl is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing now so there is always adoption as an option too x

  • You cannot try for a baby till 12 weeks after your last injection. Zoladex is harmful to a foetus. If it survives it will have severe problems. This was from 2 of my consultants at the Endo Clinic, research online and reading info leaflet with injection. Hope you don't think I'm being rude, it's just really important x

  • zoladex is not a contraceptive and is highly toxic to pregnancy. Traces of GnRH drugs have been found in the body up to 4 months after the implant of a 28day dose.

    Irrespective of how quickly your periods return or howsoon you are ovulating - it is the drug manufacturers themselves that advise practicing safest sex for at least 12 weeks after the last dose went in your body to avoid contaminating the foetus with the drug which can cause miscarriage and deformities.

  • Hmm that's strange, why would my doctor say otherwise

  • Ill speak to the hospital. Thanks for the info

  • Sorry if you think I'm being abrupt but it's serious stuff. Good idea. Hope it works out x

  • Don't worry I didn't think anything. You too x

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