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Lump where ovary is

Heuy everyone, ive not been diagnosed with endo or anything else as im currently trying to disprove my doctor who thinks it's IBS. Ive kept a food diary and a pain diary to show that my pains aren't food related. Also my pains aren't where my bowels are, it's where my ovary is and also inside.

anyway, for a little while my pain has came and went and ive noticed its also positional, if I lean over certain ways or lie certain ways I get very uncomfortable and in pain.

anyway today I noticed a lump where my right ovary is, if I press it it hurts and causes painful cramps and stabbing pains. I also made my boyfriend feel it and he said he could

the problem I have when I go to my GP is I show them where my pain id and they always feel my abdomen and not my actual pelvis. An internal pelvic examination is uncomfortable but she never feels anything.

ive been booked for an ultrasound but I dont know what date it is yet.

ive had a ca125 which was clear, so im not worried about the lump.

can you feel endometriosis? Im aware it could be a cyst, but I had a ultrasound scan early September which was clear...

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I've had a lump and exactly same symptoms 10years ago and they kept telling me it's ibs. I paid for private gynae ultrasound and it was ok so i went to gastro and had another ultrasound - it showed massive (grapefruit size) cysts on my ovary, i dont know how the.first doctor.missed it... It was so big that it was squeezing my bowels thats why i had some digestive symptoms - had laparoscopy and it was.fine since. then i had another cysts on my other ovary and since my lap 6 years i have pain on my ovary always in.the same.place, i cant lie down on my belly quite.often.cos it hurts, it hurts during sex and periods too. Gp is suspecting either endo or scar tissue after my second lap and ive been finally referred to gynae clinic - took me over 6 years to.convince them that.i.couldnt find any food triggers at all and the symptoms (both pain and digestive) were always.getting worse just before and during periods. I have my hospital appt in a month. Good luck x


Thank you so much! Since my last scan came back clear I've always been worried it was all in my head, because I thought "well if something was there, they would've seen it!" Im not sure when my next ultrasound is, because there was a waiting list 8 weeks long for even an appointment :(

such a shame that they missed your cyst! Especially when it was that large!


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