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Mirena in menopause...endo pain escalating

So, I'm off to the GP tomorrow morning to have a review about my increasing pain levels. I had surgery (supposed to be a Hyst) to remove my remaining ovary two years ago but they couldn't remove my cervix and uterus as I have extensive adhesions to my bowel, so surgeon did what he could and also replaced my Mirena which they hoped would kill off any remaining endo when I went into surgical menopause. That was two years ago now and I can feel my pain escalating again, so I'm wondering, is my Mirena now becoming less effective or is it something else, like the fibroid they found on an ultrasound last year. They told me as the oestrogen dropped it should shrink. I've just gone through the process of seeing a dietician to help IBS symptoms which has really helped but the pain has not gone away sadly.

I'm really nervous about this and also I need a smear which are usually torture for me.

Has anyone else been in this position, menopausal, with a Mirena and still getting endo type pain? My surgeon told me last time that for endo pain mirena's should be changed every two years or so but would that still be the case in Menopause? Any help really appreciated.


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