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Feeling extremely confused and fed up!!

Hi ladies, I have been on here before. I will try to make it short. Had my first lap in April and was told endo was found in my ovarian fossa and pouch of Douglas. I have had pain continuously you name it after the op as if I didn't have a lap at all. I was prescribed microgynon for 3 months which didn't help. Now I have noticed my spotting has become more regular and it's an actual blood clot slipping out and every time after intercourse I bleed or just a big red clot would come out. I have had enough of the pain and finding blood clots. I had a pelvis scan (transvaginal) this Wednesday gone and waiting for results. The consultant has also changed my pills to cerazette now, am meant to be on it for 4 months. I haven't started yet as am a bit reluctant due to being treated like a guinea pig! My lower abdomen hurts so much every single day and I feel pinching pain around my ovaries but I keep being told there was nothing found on my ovaries and tubes during the laproscopy in April. Am feeling depressed and lost. Can someone please advise me what to do or what it might be. Thanks for reading.

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Hi there. So you was diagnosed with endo? I was 4 weeks ago in the pouch of Douglas thingy and bowel. After a lap. My bleeding was out of control sounds like yours and pain in my lower tummy feels like ovaries and lower back which sounds like yours I think this is general problem with endo before I was diagnosed the gp changed my pill 4 times which made things worse and frustrated me it has taken me 19 months to get to the bottom of this and I have a lovely gynae now who is trying to stop my bleeding and shrink the endo with medroxyprogesterone sounds like this is what you need. Hope this helps I know how frustrating it is I have most symptoms n it took them ages to realise. I'm 23 you need to put your foot down hun xx


Thank you Chloe for sharing your own experience. It's annoying me as I am not getting anywhere with NHS and despite having a job I can't afford to go private. I will try and put my foot down harder. Best wishes to you. Xx


Yes I finally was referred to a gynaecologist you shouldn't have to go private either maybe try a different gp just keep on at them I know it's exhausting I know :( hope you get sorted hun. Take care zx


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