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Treating without hormones?

Just wondering if anyone else out there struggles with hormonal treatment? I have suffered depression for as long as I can remember and was diagnosed with endo at age 17. I have spent 10 years going through every single type of pill, injections, implants and coils but haven't yet found anything which actually works for me. All of the different types of hormones massively impact my mood and I was absolutely gutted when the mirena coil was a massive failure. I personally believe this was due to the combination of my tiny frame (only 5'1") and my retroverted uterus. It caused an immense amount of pain and after 12 months I decided I was worse off than before and had it removed (I had it fitted after a procedural laparoscopy where they cut away a web of adhesions)

Since having the mirena coil removed I have been free of any kind of contraception to 'treat' my endo. For quite some time the pain was manageable and I believe that having the adhesions removed had made a huge improvement. Over the past 4 months, however, my periods have become unmanageable again and I'm finding myself taking codeine which is a bit of a slippery slope and not exactly ideal for taking at work.

I'm starting to feel like there is nothing I can do long term to improve my situation. The other dilemma being that after my lap I was told that my fallopian tubes and ovaries looked clear of signs of endo and (obviously) don't want to lose my chance to have children.

Any suggestions very much appreciated

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Hello - you sound like where I got to. I stopped pill last July and by nov 13 pain was lasting two weeks and needing lots of painkillers. In jan I started acupuncture ( but ear variety) and also made more diet changes. Many women find relief from following the diet but you do need to be patient and persevere with it (no different to the drugs really !) look it up on web and there is a great book (green cover) which is Recipes and advice on the diet. It's by Carolyn levett. However turning point for me was a few months ago I started another acupuncture with endo specialist snd have had great results. I am now down to 1 nurofen a day for say 5 days ( not consecutive) and have noticed lots of physical changes in period and post period bleeding I had. Have to pay but if you can find the money for me it is so worth it. But try and find someone who understands the disease if at all possible ( depends where you love I guess) good luck,AC


Thank you for your response, acupuncture is something I haven't yet tried and judging by what you've said it seems like a very good option. Probably quite beneficial to mental health as well! How long did you find it took before noticing changes? And I'm assuming it would be something I would have to commit to indefinitely? Thank you very much for your help :)


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