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feeling fogotten

hi ladies its been a while since ive postedon here. I found out that i had eond in 2011 after going back and forth from the doctors for about 7 years with pain from have sex then it progressed to judt randome sharp pains for mo resason. i finaly got sent to see a gyne and was given a lap and was told i had endo but got no explanation as to what it is so i hafd to do my own resarch. my endo came back 5 months afrter the lap and i was put on zoladex for 6 months. which i hated lol. ive been on every type of contrseption you could think of apart from the coil as it scares me. after the zoladex i was sent to the pain magenment clinlc and i was given a tens machine and some pills which just zoned me out so i couldnt funtion properly so i decided to stop taking them. but since then i have had no follow ups with my gyne or anything i have had to push to be refered back there as i feel that my endo may of gone to my bowl but it has taken so much effort. i was sent for an internal scan but even the scanner said to me that it was pointless as the ultrascan cant pick up endo. once i was finaly able to see a gyne she done a simple exame and said that it all seams fine and tha was it. all was given was an endo nurses card. i just feel like i have been forgotten about and they dont really wanna help. my gp has throne mefanectet acid at me for my pain but there not helping any more. has anyone else felt like this.

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Hiya. Check out the list of accredited endo specialist centres on the BSGE website bsge.org.uk and ask to be referred to centre of your choice. Your so right a scan & a simple exam aren't sufficient. Also it sounds like your endo was just burned off rather than excised ( cut out) as it came back within such a short period of time. Excision is the only way to remove it properly. You might find the website Endopaedia and facebook pages Nancy's Nook and EndoMetropolis useful too. Hope this helps & keep fighting xx

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Thank you I will have a look x


Hi petunias i have had a look at the list as i think i may already be under my closest unit. Im sure the Gynaecologist named was the doctor i saw when i finaly had my lap but i have not seen him since. i will have to talk to my GP if i can ever get an appoinment. thank you again x


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