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Reactive (postprandial) hypoglycaemia and endo?

Hello all...

I was wondering if anyone else on here has trouble with their blood sugars.

A few months back around my periods I noticed I struggled a lot if I did not eat breakfast etc. I would get very hungry, have the shakes get worse headaches and feel rubbish. One morning after seeing one of my diabetic patients I decided to test my blood sugars to see what they were as I was feeling as described above... to my horror I was technically having what diabetics refer to as a hypo! My BMs were 3.1... If you are under 4 you are classed as having a hypo. So I promptly ate something and started to feel better... A few hours later after eating a decent amount my sugars were crashing again!!! This went on for about 3-4 days and after looking into it realised this could be reactive hypoglycaemia which means after a high carb meals your sugars drop!

I can't seem to find a huge amount on this and endo although one article I read mentioned something about is symptoms and endo and hypoglycaemia... It seems another condition GPs don't know a great deal about.

I have previously had a fasting blood test done and I know I'm not diabetic...

I also read something about it relating to hormones and periods. Now although I'm not on a period I have ovulated a few days ago and my hormones I can feel are up the Creek after having my lap 3 weeks ago...

So before I look into this more and scare the crap out of myself... can someone please let me know if they have the same thing and if anyone has found it relating to their periods, endo or adeno...

Thanks for reading my long post xxx

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Hi, yes, I do get this kind of reaction sometimes, I'll get shaky and wobbly and have to eat something quick, in order to feel better. I dont think Im diabetic (although my mum has just found out she has type 2 and she isnt overweight, so not sure if it could be herediatary). I aslo find if I dont eat regularly (over 4 hours without a snack) that I can get very snappy and irritable - is that something you experience?


Hi Mistiek,

I often get dizzy spells and have recently found out my triglycerides are high as is my cholesterol. I'm not overly heavy but could afford to loose a few, so I'm trying something I did several years ago. I'm cleaning up my lifestyle of eating. No more gluten, no red meat, just fish and beans and nuts ect. no eggs, no dairy, no sugars. Yesterday I discovered Xylitol and I'm ecstatic! It tastes the same as white sugar and I can enjoy my coffee again (the one vice I refuse to give up ) but I have switched to decaf. I limit the fruits and go hard on the vegetables. I'm gonna see if this reduces the amount of inflammation like it did the first time I was on it for 6 months after 4 I felt a lot better,but it was many years ago back before a gluten free diet was the rage, now it is so much easier. I have had a hysterectomy so no correlation there. But I am still worse at different times of the month so I'm keeping a calendar to track.


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