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Hiya I had a laparasopy in June, only to be told I have minimal amount and adhesions to the bowl as well :( I went to bed last night in agony painkillers did not help one tiny bit eventually after a few hours I got to sleep. However I woke up this morning to find bruises around the area of one of the scars from the laparasopy. Does anyone know why this could be happening? Also still in a fair amount of pain! But managing to get on with day to day tasks and working.

Thanks in advance :)

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yes it could possibly be caused be endo cells getting trapped in the wound as it healed and trapped there causing a bleed which appears as bruising - are you by any chance on your period right now?

If you are, then speak to your GP and ask for referral to a gynaecologist to investigate possible transplanted endo.

If you have no recollection of actually causing an injury - running in to a door handle, corner of a table etc then I would recommend you see your GP about an sudden onset unexplained bruising. It may be something and nothing.

If you want to let it recover and check again next period to see if it reappears again....then see the GP that's up to you. Definitely keep an eye on it though and do seek medical advice if it carries on bruising or you develop other problems in that area.


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