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Bruised feeling down side. (about my 4th question since finding the page, sorry ladies!)

Its not constant but some days I can wake up with what I can only describe as a bruised feeling all down my sidr under my rib cage, last week I had it for a day on my right hand side, this week I've had it for two days on my left side, it hurts to twist or lean forward like it would if you'd been kicked in the side.

Does anyone else get this?

Too many symptoms to question!


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Hi Andy's_Girl,

Yes what you are describing happens to me as well. It is such a funny pain/sensation but thats just how I described it to the doctor - a bruising type pain. I've got another lap booked for this weekend so hopefully this will ease, although it isn't as bad as the other pain it is really uncomfortable. Hope it eases for you soon and/or you get some treatment. Take care x


Thanks for your reply Worzel, can I ask what type of endo / where your endo is? I have not yet had a diagnosis, but i'm convinced I have endo thats effecting my bowel. xx


I'm going in for a lap tomorrow so i'll know more then - i'll let you know. It first presented itself to me as a lump in my abdominal wall (muscle), had various scans and then a biopsy which confirmed endo. Had the lump removed 6 months ago and a month after the op I got all sorts of horrible symptoms - bruising pain i'd had for a few years on and off though. But started to get severe right hand pain, hip, leg pain, sciatic nerve etc and more recently troubles with my bladder! I'm hoping to get some answers and respite after tomorrow as it seems as if my previous op aggravated whatever endo I had etc. I'll let you know x




Hi Andys_Girl, I had my op on Saturday, I had a couple of adhesions 'freed', however they didn't find any other active endo. I have horrid symptoms on a daily basis that don't go away with my cycle etc so was in tears that nothing was found. However when the consultant came to see me he told me that he thinks I have adenomyosis and that this is the cause of all my pain. I'm seeing him in a fortnight to discuss options - I think i'm going to push for a hysterectomy. Just thought i'd let you know as this may be something else you may consider as a possible cause of your 'bruising' pain. Good luck for the future x


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