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Endometriosis came back again!

The time that I'm going trough is really depressing, like severe depression. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 20 of about 2cm in my left ovary on september 2013. Every doctor that we met told me that I needed laparoscopy. We waited for 5 months after which it grew and became 7cm. I had my laparoscopy on April 2014. Soon after 2 months i.e. june 2014 it grew back and it was 1cm. Though I was on hormonal treatment still idk why it came back. This is changing my whole life I have become depressed due to this cyst and medicines which have these depressing effects. I don't want to have another surgery or become infertile. I want to live a normal life like before. My matter of concern is that if it is dangerous for this cyst to grow so fast and it might make my fertility impossible?

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Sorry for hearing you are struck with complications due to endo at so young an age. And the hormonal treatment, what did they prescribe? Just to clarify, was this a cysts on your ovary or was it endometriosis. And do you know what method was used to eradicate it, excision or coagulation? On or in the ovary? If you are on hormones to supress ovulation is is understandable why you feel so depressed because you are getting a shocking introductory of menopause not a natural gradual one. i used to get severely depressed just from birth control pills. I think I know how you feel. Are you happy with your doctors and do you feel they are being supportive through this time. If I were you I would ask for some emotional councilling to help you through this hormonal state. It's nice to feel that you are not suffering in silence and that maybe there is an alternative treatment that they can suggest that works better with you. Many women here have talked about having to try numerous options and that they do cause different side effects.

You were fortunate to have doctors willing to perform laporscopic surgery, some of us fight for really long periods of time to get there. But I'm still not clear on how they determined this with you (ultrasound)or what you actually had (spots of endo or cyst)(endometrioma?)


Thank you for your reply :)

The medicine that they prescribed me is Diane 35. After getting this another ultrasound done, my doctor said its nothing but a follicle but I'm not satisfied with that answer cuz I can feel something on my left ovary where the cyst has been formed again.

It was endometriosis in my left ovary which was confirmed in the tests done after taking it out through laparoscopy.

People say that usually endometriosis comes back after a year but mine was detected after 2 months only :/ I don't want laparoscopy again and again! I need to live a normal life like before. This thing has totally changed my life


I'm sorry I don't know enough about Diane 35 or if it's a combined pill, but perhaps you will hear from other forum members who are familiar with it. Did your doctor say why he chose this particular method? Hopefully they are right , that it is just a follicular cyst, even those can hurt like the dickens especially now because you will still be tender in those parts. I've heard that the POP method of birth control pills work to prevent cysts from forming I could be wrong, I hope someone else helps you with this. I also am in Canada I have heard of Diane 35, YEARS ago i believe it was taken from our market here at one point but they must have corrected the issues because it appears it is back. I don't think it's available in the US though.


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