Endometriosis is back!

Endometriosis is back!

Hi. I'm 34 y/o and have a complex medical history!

I want to ask if there is anyone out there who wasn't told by their Gynaecologist that Endometriosis could return?

It's odd, because I thought the pain I was getting was just constipation - I went to my GP and she gave me tablets for the constipation - I don't blame her for not suggesting it might be Endometriosis because I wasn't at that practice when I first had it treated.

I'm just hoping my Gynaecologist offers me an urgent appointment as my life is on hold again! Just as I'm in the process of reapplying to University! - I had a sub-total Hysterectomy in 2006 during the Christmas Vacation from University and now I face the prospect of this thing interfering again!


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  • Hi - am sorry to hear you're in discomfort again esp after such a big procedure. I only had a lap and laser surgery done but, no, at the time I was not told it could return. A friend of mine only this week told me a close pal of hers had a hysterectomy only for it to return elsewhere and it sounds like this wasn't something she had realised. good luck with your appointment

  • Hello,

    I am 29 years old and I was diagnosed with endometriosis hyperplasia at 27. I was put on a low estrogen birth control, basically a male hormone, and the hyperplasia was gone, thank god, neoplasia is cancer. But still have endometriosis. My ob-gyn did a laparoscopy with D&C and for 8 months I felt great then came back, even worse. He suggested being put on Lupron injections which would shut off my uterus, ovaries etc. and put me in menopause but would not cure the endometriosis and yes, endometriosis is with you forever no matter how many surgeries you have. I didn't go through with the injections because I found it pointless. Hysterectomy is only way to get rid of it or maybe scraping some endometriosis off the walls. I was told I was infertile but I'm now 4 months pregnant and pre menopausal with endometriosis and in constant pain. I was 10 weeks pregnant before the tests shown that I was. Very odd call this number it's a endometriosis hotline where specialists will help you 1 (877) 980-7246. I hope you get answers and yes, new studies show that endometriosis can spread to the arms and legs in both males and females. Please call the above number.

  • My gynaecologist likened trying to remove endo to clearing a field of seeds. If only the smallest amount is missed or hidden from sight it will grow back. However, you don't know how long that will take so it may be that you are symptom free for a long time before it takes hold again. Good luck xx

  • Hi there

    So sorry this happening .

    I have had four surgeries so far and have been on zoladex for over a year and all was good.i have just had my fourth lap only to be told lots if adhesions and endo found .

    The surgeon said it was unlikely to have totally removed in previous surgeries therefore was there all the time

    In short I think if it's not. Totally removed it can continue to produce which sort of makes sense.i do hope you can continue with university and find some relief xx

  • I'm the same as you mine returned after sub total hysterectomy removal of ovaries and tubes. Its only in the last 2-3 years studies have shown if your endometroisis has gone past reproductive organs intestines etc it can come back.

  • A hysterectomy does NOT remove endo. Excision removes endo for good! If you have a specialist in excision, who removes it correctly, it will not return

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