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For better or worse

So I had my first laparoscopy in July this year where endo was found and 'removed'. Since then I have been having heavy periods with week gaps at the most, the pain has been worse that before the surgery and I have been constantly tired and feeling nausea almost all the time. Am I expected too much too soon? My GP wants me to have another appointment with the gynaecologist and is thinking another operation may be in order, has another op so soon been the case for anyone else?

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Oh boy! You poor girl, only 17 years old and dealing with this.

I find it shocking that your GP is suggesting surgery 3 or 4 months after you just had the endo removed. Did you aquire your post operative and pathology reports ( I hope those are the terms you use there in the UK, I am in Canada so they may differ) It's always good to see what was done and how it was done for future reference. If the endo was excised rather than cauterized ect.

Were your periods before the surgery normal in duration? And did they prescribe anything after like birth control pills ect.?

I think wait to talk to the Gynacologist and see what he/she might suggest.

And use this forum for whatever information is troubling you. Sometimes it just takes a load off your mind and you don't feel so taxed.

Maybe listen to some John Mayer (wink wink) I'm probably dating myself suggesting that to a 17 year old haha.

Take care, hugs,


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I bled for nearly 2months after my lap in Oct 12. I went back on the pill with no break and also have had the fake menopause injection for 6 months last year x go back and see them x as its a struggle xx


Get a detailed report of the surgery even if you have to pay - say you're moving abroad. I had 2 surgeries in the space of 6 months which I did only because of the extreme situation I found myself in - I consulted 4 doctors in different countries before I agreed to the second surgery! So get different options. There are hormonal treatments available which are usually recommended after surgery, like the pill or a monthly injection. If you're a teenager I would also recommend looking into alternative solutions that will improve your life in the long run - look at homeopathic solutions, eating habits and exercise like yoga. You have to be disciplined about it but it helped me a ton! I cannot over rate this enough to manage pain plus it's great for our figure ;-)


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