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hello :) newbie needing welcome hugs

I have tried to introduce myself here a few times but actually typing my story makes me cry. This place often makes me feel like the lucky one. I am 32, I found out I have endo in June, I am on the waiting list for my first lap to confirm however they saw endo cysts on one ovary when I paid for a private ultra sound.

I was on the depo injection from 17 until 28/9 then came of and started trying to conceive. After coming off depo my period were totally erratic, following no pattern at all. I had a lot of pain in my utero sacral joint (I was never sure if this was from a car accident some years ago). I also didn't conceive after trying for over a year, been trying for 2 years now and haven't conceived. There is no history of endometriosis in my family. I pushed the issue with my gp but got no result. So when I had some money I went private. Now I am waiting for a lap on the nhs.

I guess I am here and want to say hello because I feel my friends cannot relate, my Mum is scared enough and my boyfriend does enough? :) there doesn't seem to be much in the way of local support groups, I am in the Stoke-on-Trent area, I believe this place is what we have.

I found out months ago but am finding it hard to talk about and so have a lot of bottled up emotions :(

Peace love and hugs to you all.

Susan sarandon has inspired me today.

Chin up all x x x

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Welcome to the endo world! Sorry to hear you are suffering and havent been able to conceive yet. Never give up on that dream! Was told I'd never have children and to never get my hopes up (baring in mind I'm only 20) and I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with my miracle baby girl. So there is always hope. Had endometriosis they think since I was 9 when I started my periods but got diagnosed when I was 13. I understand how you feel about not having people yo relate too. All my mates are at the age of nights out and boys and no one can truely understand unless they have been through it. But stay strong with the emotions and keep fighting. Hope you find some amazbing support from these strong women on here and welcome :) xxx

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Hiya welcome to the site,it's a great place for answering questions and getting others opinions who are going through the same thing. Your history resonated with me, I was on the pill for donkey's years, only came off it age 30 when ttc. It took me over 2 years to conceive, never thought I would have kids but once I'd had one, the second came along pretty quick! So after 2 babies and 2 years of breasfeeding I finally started having periods again and oh what a mess! Cycles all over the place and low pelvic pain for 2 weeks at a time. Gynae consultant said it is classic, spending half your fertile life on contraception only to discover endo when you finally come off it.

I've had 2 laps now, the 1st diagnostic, they couldn't do much as needed a bowel surgeon there too. Last one was 11th sept and they unstuck my left ovary from bowel and removed an endometriuma. A large endometrial nodule was removed that was stuck between recrum and vagina as well as multiple adhesions removed. I'm still recovering but hopeful it will help with pain relief.

Friend and family too find it hard to fully understand, the fatigue is very hard to deal with, I just feel like all my hormones are out of whack, moods all over the place and comfort eating galore!

Any way I have waffled about me, just wanted to say don't give up on the conceiving point, I used ovulation predictor kits in the end, I definitely did not ovulate when I expected to and I think they helped. Keep posting x

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I just want to say don't give up! I have suffered for 5 years now, taking lots of different drugs, in and out if hospital, lucky my fiancé is quiet tolerant, he does find it very hard on the days or weeks when I Carnt move of the sofa and my family and friends, although they try, don't understand. We tried for a few years before getting our son who was a miracle as I some how fell pregnant after 7 month of the zoladix injections,. never give up, gud things do happy. Take care and chin up! X


:) Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm reading don't give up hope. I have been eyeing the ovulator kits but sick of throwing money down the drain on tests!! XD


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