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Hello everyone. This is my first post on here so hopefully I'm doing it right. This year I had a lap to confirm whether I had endo or not and I do. They were able to remove the endo from my womb and pelvis but unfortunately I also have it on both ovaries and scarring on one of them which they couldn't remove. I had a check up 3 months later and because me and my partner are hoping to start trying next year they have signed me off until the symptoms come back, although the pain is now worse than it ever was. The specialist also told me that I should be ok to concieve until May next year. I am worried what will happen if I don't concieve within that time and because the pain is worse and I'm bleeding most the time I won't be able to concieve. I've been to my doctors but they don't seem to be much help and have just told me if the bleeding continues to go back?! I'm trying not to panic but the thought of not having a family scares me especially as I miscarried last year at 9 weeks. Any information or advise any of you have would be appreciated.

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I don't know if this applies in your situation, but usually if you have been trying to conceive naturally for over a year with no results, then they start looking at why. For me, it involved blood tests for me to assess ovulation etc and testing my husbands sperm (which was actually the problem). For me I was then put on the IVF list because his sperm was unlikely able to manage naturally. While waiting for the IVF I am going to have another surgery to remove further Endo as removing the ongoing inflammation can give you a better chance at conceiving. As far as really unhelpful advice goes... try not to stress, your body doesn't like it :)


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