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Symptoms - is it getting worse?


Just wondered how people feel and what symptoms they have with the endo?

I am feeling that over the past week or so, I have become extremely tired and to the point of exhaustion.

My tummy (on left side) is more tender, and sometimes makes me feel sick from it. And my lower back has been in a lot more pain.

I wasn't sure if this is just a bad flare up or if it could be anything else. (I have done a pregnancy test just in case)

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Hi I THere

What sort of treatment have you had or are on?are you being seen by the gaeni?

I would suggest you take a trip to the gp he could possibly refer you for a scan to see if your overlies are playing up .I,m sure it could any number of things it's very difficult to guess when endo is concerned .Have a chat with your GP .Hope you feel better soon.


I take Loestrin 20* which my gyno recommended however I feel your pain as been taking it a month now and my symptoms have become 10x worse. Loss of appetite, exhausted all the time, heavier & more regular bleeding. Feels like someone is using a ovaries as a stress ball. Best thing would be to see your doctor and ask for a gyno referal. I'm due to see mine In 2 months time to see if surgery would be a better option for me

I wish you luck and your not alone :)


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