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2 cysts

A couple of weeks ago I posted about that I've got a cyst on my right ovary I went to see a doctor to discuss about the on and of pain I've been having as a result of the cyst to discover that I've actually got 2 cysts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one measuring 7.5cm another 4.5cm as you can imagine I was SHOCKED!!!! so I've got the date of the op for the end of the month which am very relieved about I am very scared as especially it's two but it needs to come out, whats annoying is last year I had an laparoscopy that's where I discovered I had endometrios (sorry about my spelling) and they didn't remove them AND now I've got 2 cysts what scares me since April I've noticed something wasn't right been in and out of hospital to and throw to the doctors wasn't till i pushed for the scan they discovered the cyst in and out of the hospital in the summer hols cause the pain was AWFUL they scan me again to discovered it's growned back again cause the pain was still they which they gave me pain killers made me sick every day and the doctor who examined me basically laughed at me cause she couldn't feel anything but I measured the pain 11 out 10!!!!! it was the worst night in hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! told them too so as you can imagine I even doubted myself then as you can see as above as I went to the doctors to find theres two part of me feels relieved but upset that I wasn't told soooooooooooooooooo I am scared of the op feel like what else haven't they told me :( anyone else been though the same thing?

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Pain off the scale usually means a cyst has popped or leaked and not all cysts can be felt.

They completely missed an 8cm cyst i had, even with the 1st ulrasound, let alone feeling the tummy.

Don't be scared of the op, you will wake up feeling a tonne better simply for having the two cysts taken out.

I was put on Diclofenac which helped take the edge of the pain enough for me to get sleep, and they made me drowsy but the drug certainly did help. I could still feel the angry cyst to some degree but it made a considerable enough difference that I stayed with the diclofenac round the clock till my op.

Which painkillers have you tried so far?


Hey dinger1983, I would be upset too if I had a lap and they saw the endometriosis but didn't't remove it, unless I'm misinterpreting and they left the cysts, but still, did they give any explanation as to why? Had anyone seen you as post operative follow up to discuss methods for dealing with the ovarian cysts? I haven't had quite as bad an experience but I have noticed when reading the post operative reports there was alot more than what they told me. Also was never really given council after either. So I think I would be texting in a lot of capital letters and using a lot of explanation marks too! It's good to vent!


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