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Advise please

Hi. Haven't wrote a post For awhile. I have grade 4 endo / adenomyosis and 2 chocolate cyst. Back in January I ended up in hospital with appendicitis. When they removed my appendix they saw that I had endo on my colon. The doctor was surprised that I never had any bowel problems before! I've had painful periods since I was about 12 I am now 42. I have had treatment for cancer on my head and skull 2 yrs ago which has left me with a horrible scar and permanent hair loss! My gynaecologist did not want to do any surgery as she feels are been through too much already and I may end up having to wear a bag because of bowel surgery!! I'm now waiting for results for an abnormal smear biopsy. I just feel that I'm waiting for this to get worse and worse. I'm having to go for scans every three months to monitor my chocolate cysts. What are they waiting for to happen will this just carry on the same or will it get worse to the point of where I'm in really bad agony. I was wondering if anybody else has been through the same with Endo, cysts and abnormal cells. I would like to have a hysterectomy as I don't wanna wait till im 50 and everything stuck together and not working. Any thoughts. ?? Xx

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Hi Sammie, I have no experience with this so sorry I cannot help you more, but I am sure there will be someone along soon who has experience and can advise, if it were me I wld push for the hysterectomy too I think but maybe talking this through with your dr and go through the pros and cons and then decide from there, I hope you get the help you need and best wishes, sorry I cldn't be more helpful xxxx


Thank you for taking the time to answer. I'm just confused xx


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