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Hi lasses I'm off to see a new gyne on Thursday. I'm a bit nervous since I asked to be seen by him after refusing to be seen by my last gyne

I have had an awful time with my last gyne, he made out nothing was wrong with me and sent me to a gastroentrolgist who told me after seeing me for 5 minutes and not even checking my stomach I had constipation and that I could be healed by taking laxatives! Which I already take. How can anyone just jump to that conclusion without checking what's going on with someone's stomach or their medical history? The only conclusion I could come up with, was what was in the wrote in the referal letter from the Gyne.

Plus the fact that my Endocrinologist has been trying to contact him about my ostoprosis and working together to come up with a solution to help me. Since proestrogen is not good for ostoprosis but oestrogen is which of course is not good for endo

Except he has never replied once to the many emails and letters sent to him. To the conclusion they have even told me to change gynes.

So I've taken the plunge and asked for a gyne I saw on the endo website. Which took a lot of courage on my part because I'm not very good at standing up for myself.

I've also taken the plunge and got my medical records sent down to me from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. Which arrived a couple of days ago. It cost me fifty pounds but I think it was worth it.

I've just finished reading all the drs notes and the histopathology reports. It was hard going because it made me relive some very hard decisions. Plus I found out that although its in my notes that there was no endometriosis on my right overy, but in my histopathology report it says I had it in and over the overy, the same with my sigmoid colon that they partcialy removed. But all I ever got told was that it was not in or over the bowl.

It upsets me that I trusted the Dr but he still lied about me not having endometriosis anymore and made me feel i was making a bit of a fuss over nothing!

After that he told me to go on HRT that it would help me, which in the end made it worse.

Since then ive moved down to Manchester where ive been fightingto be taken seriously ever since, since all the symptoms I've suffered in the past are back. So im really hoping when I take a copy of my notes and histopathology reports he will take me seriously.

If any of you lasses feel your not being taken seriously I would recommend getting your medical records sent to you. So you know exactly what is going on inside you and what the drs and other medical personal who are dealing with this terrible disease are thinking

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I think it is sickening the way that some doctors treat patients. Well done for standing up for yourself and I glad you got referred to another gynecologist. Hope it goes well on Thursday. I am in Manchester as well, which hospital are you going? x


Hi Jane39

I did the same. I saw a gyne at Ninewells who basically said that all my symptoms were normal and it was because of my age. She really didn't listen to a word I said and lied to me twice regarding the depo provera injection.

Deflated I left it a couple of months then marched back to my GP asking to be referred to a specialist, the appointment came through 2 weeks later.

I would love to see my notes and will look into getting a copy. Hope you get somewhere down in Manchester. Good luck x


Thank you Shehulk,

Im at St Marys which my dr suggested was the best place to go. I'l see if shes right after thursday x

Hi Debba76

I went on to Aberdeens hospital website and looked for the records department, i then wrote to them asking for my records. They were very quick in sending methe forms to fill in which i filled in and sent the ten pounds requested off them then they sent me a letter requesting another forty pound to get my records. It took about a month from begining to end. I would definately reccomend you doing it x



I had a really good appointment today, I saw a really nice gyne who listened to me and read through my medical notes.

I think it really made a difference having my medical notes and being able to give them the written proof of what i have being telling them all along.

They have decided to put me for a kidney scan and then they are going to take a chance and do a laproscopy to see if they can see whats going on inside me. So we can make a decision on how to proceed to give me a better quality of life

Im so glad ive read and took advise from you lasses on here



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