Recap my a&e visit today, and thank you sisters x

Hi all,

Firstly I need to thank you amazing ladies for responding to my message earlier today. You started by lifting me out of a desolate frame of mind, you encouraged me to go find help, and you stayed with me though that horrible drive to A&E when you are steeling yourself to be told "your bloods are fine, there's nothing wrong with you so go home."

Today I went up to A&E to beg for the scan my GP tells me I'm jumping the gun asking for. The admin could see I was in pain and she helped speed me through, the triage nurse wasn't great but fortunately I didn't have to see her long, and then I was seen fairly swiftly by the consultant. And I mean in record time!!! In the past I would sit in a hard plastic chair for 5 hours in agony and be sent home. Today I was put on a bed and they were nearly desperate to treat the pain so I didn't have to wait in agony. This is unprecedented.

The wonderful male consultant LISTENED to me, made careful notes, discussed his concerns about both the endo and ruling out my appendix, discussed what he could do for the pain and what he was planning to do to get me seen by gyne, even if it meant admitting me. At this point my partner arrived to be with me, for which I was both sorry for his having to be there and also extremely grateful he was.

An then at shift change he told me he was leaving and that someone else was looking after me. This never happens. And the someone was another amazing female consultant who LISTENED to me, and assured me she was referring me to gyne for a scan. The same scan I had begged my asshole GP for but was told I was jumping the gun.

And then a porter appeared and it was like a dream. I glided upstairs all the way to gyne, to a little waiting room where I was sat in a chair, my partner beside me. We weren't there long when a woman left the room beyond and through the door I could see the ultrasound machine. I burst into tears. There it was! Right there! I had begged my GP and it's right here!!! I was flooded with relief.

I spoke with the lady consultant for a while, she did a scan and found a 3cm cyst on my lone ovary. So it shouldn't be causing me such pain, but at least there wasn't NOTHING. I will wait to see if that pain subsides in case it is normal ovulation/cyst pain. They will scan me again in 6 weeks. If the pain doesn't ease on its own we will know it's probably more adhesions and lesions.

She talked to me about considering whether or not I keep the ovary. I can keep it and maybe continue to suffer endo aggravation from my own hormones; I can try zolodex and see if that helps shrink any endo that might be happening; I can have the ovary removed and go into surgical menopause which at 41 I'm not sure I'm ready for. I need to spend the next while exploring a range of options for a range of possible eventualities. I might have to go ahead and have them look in just to see if the adhesions are as bad as we fear, and it would be disappointing if they are after I've had such a huge surgery last year. But that's endo for you.

I want to thank you again, sisters. Thank you so very much for your advice and support. I really wouldn't have got a slightly better peace of mind today if it hadn't been for you. I'm so grateful you're here and I hope you're all well.

Huge hugs xx

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  • Ah bless I am so happy that you met some lovely people today who listened to you X take care . I was really worried about you and so glad you posted a update . Stay strong x

  • Thank you SO much for your support xx

  • So glad they listened Molly. What about the bleeding?

  • Thank you as always for your support, Lindle. Funny, she wanted to have that checked but I think after the long chat we had ad the scan we all forgot about it! I'm going to monitor that, and I've been told to come straight back if I'm in any trouble, which I will do. It's probably no more than a fissure, as you say. I imagine there's not a lot they can do?

  • I feel so lucky after reading this that I went to the doctors for the first time little over a week ago with pain and he straight away referred me for a scan! My appointment is in a couple of weeks. I'm glad you finally managed to get some help keep us updated X

  • Thank you Jojo. I am so glad your doc didn't have any problems referring you! I hope yours goes well an that you're ok xx

  • Thank you, my problems seem quite minor after reading some of others on here, I'm just glad the ball is rolling and there are some lovely people on here to ask for some advice X

  • Totally invaluable resource, this forum. x

  • Wow, they really looked after you today, so happy to read this.

  • I'm absolutely astounded. Last year I was met with an immovable object. This time everyone was actually sympathetic. I don't know if I just got lucky or there's better awareness of endo this year?! Thank you for your support xx

  • Glad to hear you're okay and have had a positive outcome from attending A&E today, if only was like that for everyone! Take care of yourself lovely. Wishing you the best xxx

  • Morning!

    Its now lunchtime over here,but i am relieved you were seen to so promptly.

    Sometimes its the peace of mind you get from knowing that is much better than the what ifs.

    They will drive you round the twist hey.

    Think about that overy mate.

    If its causing you trouble maybe try the zolo and see if you can handle it first.

    I am sincerely glad you are ok and in a more positive frame of mind.

    Rose xx

  • By the way if its a fissure,rub vaseline on it after your motion and a shower and the cut will heal faster.i found that on the net and tried it and it worked.

    Rose xx

  • Thank you Rose! I'll give that a try xx

  • Awe it's lovely when u have a consultant that listens to u I remember the endless trips to a&e to be told the same and it took one doctor in there to take me seriously I was taking up to gynae which seen lovely consultant who scanned me and told me 3cm cyst on right ovary but said wasn't causing my pain I had a lap year ago had aheadions on pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb I'm glad ur getting aswers and wish u all the best big hugs and get better soon xx

  • I am so happy they took you seriously and listened to you. I am happy you are feeling better emotionally, it's so hard to keep your spirits up. I saw your original post after this one, and I am relieved you sound so much better. I hope the pain and bleeding settles and you can resume your life. Please know we are all here for you, I know that my life has improved so much since finding this site, we all know what life with endometriosis is like when no one else does.

    Big hugs and feel free to message me if you feel the need to talk.

  • That's fab !! However push for a mri or a DDiagnostic lap as I was kept been scanned for 4 years. Had cysts, polyps and now bowel is stuck to womb as I left it so long. It wasn't until I went in full rant mode whilst having a ultrasound that somebody listened

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