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Has endo affected your relationship?

It appears I may have had symptoms 4/5 years ago but got worse this year. My partner always said something was wrong, but I always put it down to other things. Turns out he was right, something wasn't wrong.

But now there is something wrong we argue all the time, and I have been a "problem" for the last 5 years. I am extremely emotional at the moment and find it very hard to hold things together, which is unlike me. He doesn't get endo and the effects it has on me: tiredness, irritability, mood swings, constant pain

I don't know how I am going to cope with Lap and our relationship.

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Recently diagnosed with endometriosis but before this I was taking northisterone tablets which resulted in no periods but made my mood swings ,tiredness and irritability a hell of a lot worse! My partner called me nuts more than once .I did think he'd have to put up with it but I realised I was being selfish .The day I was diagnosed I asked consultant to change my tablets and he did. Everything has been great since ! Talk to your consultant I even told mine I felt nutty whilst taking them .Hope you get it sorted as its enough to cope with and you need each other x


Hi Hev2014,

Endo is an extremely hormone sensitive condition. Sorry that you have been going through so much in your relationship. I went through something similar for years particularly after I had my son. My marriage broke down, we were contemplating divorce. I knew there was something wrong with me but couldn't convince my husband or his family. I too was considered a 'problem' by my husband and his parents. I spent years crying my eyes out because I was so unhappy and no one understood. It was only when I raised the issue of secondary infertility (we tried for a second child for over 4 years) and painful periods with my gp that endo was suggested.

Once I'd had my first lap and was diagnosed, it came as somewhat of a relief. My husband was very supportive and has been ever since.

I don't take any hormone therapy. I tried the combined pill which made things worse. I do however follow the endo diet and eat organic wherever I can, (with the odd treat now and again) which I believe has helped immensely. I'm very aware of xenoestrogens in the environment and in cosmetics etc and take supplements to combat tiredness.

You can overcome this. Don't give up.


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Hi hev2014, my husband was much the same and when I got my diagnosis last month I finally felt like I had proved that I wasn't crazy. The thing is that 1) men don't understand women's things and how can they really? and 2) unless they can physically see something wrong with you ie a broken arm or a cut etc they don't necessarily get it or believe you. I too felt alone and like everyone was sick of hearing me complain or be unhappy. Sadly that is Endo, it really does ruin lives if you let it. Just keep pushing the docs for help until you reach a point where you are feeling more like your normal self and can cope. Good luck with everything x



Thanks for the replies and sorry for the delay in getting back.

I am happy that it isn't just me it affects, as I was beginning to think that it was.

I think Endo should be more publically known as it appears to be a common thing. I think its hard for people who try and get on with things but get beaten down the minute they mention they are in pain or not well. It becomes a broken record when they say nothing is wrong or don't understand.

I hope you all have supportive partners, mine has got a lot better since he has realised the effect it is really having on me / us.


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