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Pain all over abdomen?

Hi all just a quick question. Does anyone seem to get pain what seems to cover the entire abdomen? My pain is mostly lower pelvis and underneath my ribs ( not known if under ribs is endo yet) but sometimes I have days where it is that bad that there is not one part of my abdomen which doesn't hurt! Like I have no idea where the pain is coming from as it just consumes my body. Anyone else get days like this? Thanks

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All the time!

That dezcribes my pain perfectly, but I also get random stabbing pains anywhere in my abdomen/pelvic area.

recently had an operative laproscopy and pain is similar to prior to the op. I only had 2 small areas of endo and congenital adhesion of the colon (not to do with endo), amazing how much pain such limited endo can cause. Take care, and sorry to hear your in pain x


Hi! Thanks for your reply! I'm the same random stabbing/ hot poker pains in different areas and that's on a good day! Do you feel better since your operative lap?


every day almost and it's exhausting to put it mildly!! the all over stomach pain is the reason i first went to hospital to get checked out but because i couldn't pinpoint an exact location of the pain, they wrote it off as IBS!! but luckily now i have my lap in 3 weeks so hopefully i'll be pain free (for a while at least!)


Unfortunately im not feeling better after my lap yet. Had my follow up yesterday and the consultant said it can take up to 6 months after to get the full benefits of the operation, but most people it apparently improves sooner.


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