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Endo scarring worse than before :/

Hi. I recently had a second lap, 4 years since my last. I had been experiencing some of the symptoms I used to have when I was first diagnosed (painful perioda, exhaustion, bowel problems, etc) as well as some new symptoms (headaches, painful sex, etc) so decided to get checked to make sure it wasn't endo related and I was just stressing over nothing .

Turns out it is endo related and I'm back to stressing about my future. I had stage 4 endo last time and although my gynae confirmed that there is no live endo, the scarring is worse than it was and worse than he expected to find.

My current options are manage the symptoms or have open surgey. I don't currently know if it's going to affect my fertility. My uterus is apparently fine but without further tests they don't know if my falopin tubes are blocked as my ovaries are scarred and "trapped" behind my uterus.

I am currently single so trying for a baby is not an option right now and will to turn 33 at the end of the year but I want kids more than anything.

I think I'm just looking for some reassurance that my diagnosis doesn't mean the end of my hopes for a family or that I can't manage my symptoms without surgery.

Any comments greatly received.

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Hello.. I have also stage 4 endometriosis. My ovaries were also lied behind my uterus and had severe adhesion. My fertility was effected and now I am going through IVF procedure. But it is true every case and situation is different. There are people who are pregnant with severe endometriosis. If a person like me who has endometriosis stage 4 plus infertility issue then it is wise to get surgery first to clean up all endometriotic tissue and removing all adhesion, then to start with fertility treatment.

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Thanks Riyan. I was feeling really stressed and confused. I need to take it step at a time I guess. Get the other tests and stop panicing unless there is something to panic about. I really don't want anymore surgery but if it helps with everything then might be worth it.

Thanks x


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