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Bowel prep tomorrow. Terrified!

I start my very first moviprep tomorrow evening for a colonoscopy Mondday (suspected endometriosis in the bowel).

I suffer terribly with anxiety, mostly around vomiting and feeling sick. I'm terrified about drinking the prep (not so much about what follows because I'm used to that bit!). Apparently its like a thick, salty lemonade mixed with detergent.

I've prepared by getting straws, buying a selection of cordials to drink in between, made my room (thankfully right next to the bathroom) nice and cozy and packed with things to keep my mind off what I'm doing.

I'm silly and have read so many horror stories of peoples experience of drinking moviprep. Surely it must be ok if so many people take it?

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Hiya I had the moviprep a couple of weeks ago before a sigmoidoscopy and I have to take it again on wed before my op. It taste of orange but a bit salty and a little thicker than water. I made it up an hour before in lukewarm water ( it takes ages to dissolve in cold water) then put it in the fridge as I'd read it was nicer cold. The 1st jug went down easily, I drank it with a straw fast, one glass every 15 minutes. By the 3rd glass I was on the loo! The 2nd jug was harder, I felt very full of fluid and started gagging a bit but managed it without feeling sick. I had read some stuff on line, blogs about taking it so was pre warned what it was like. I started taking it early cos I like to go to bed early. I started at 2pm and by 7 pm I was no longer rushing to the loo. I would say wrap up warm cos I got really cold sat on the loo for so long and also my legs stiffened with so much sitting so had to keep walking around to stretch out. I took the iPad in the bathroom with me and watched tv lol, it was otherwise very boring! It wasn't like being ill and having the runs, I had no nausea or tummy pain with it. All the best to you xx

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I had moviprep and in all honesty, its not as bad as some make out. I didn't like the fast because it was like a strong lemon taste, it does taste powdery even with the large amount of water you drink with it. Be warned though, you're not allowed anything but water in between because it adds to it and make the moviprep have to work twice as hard. The worst part is the taste as its not normally something we taste but if you can get over it then you'll be fine. My fiance made me down a small tumbler glass of it every 10 mins and I'm so glad he made me do that because the op was a success because it was so clear. I did drink the end bit a little past the time and ended up "leaking" the morning after and had to wear a pad until about 3-4pm (I only came out of surgery at 2pm) Just follow everything it says on the instructions and you'll be fine xxx

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How did it go Redhand?


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