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Is my Endo returning?

l had ablation to my Endometriosis nearly 3 years ago during a diagnostic laparoscopy & told by doctors that they had got it all but to remember it could grow back. I do still get bad abdominal & pelvic pain & have since had a couple of admissions due to pain I could not cope with. Each time I had another laparoscopy but they said both times they saw nothing apart from scar tissue. After this I felt so low & felt like I was not being taken seriously & I am still not coping with excruciating pain. After having a ultrasound scan recently & also t.v. ultrasound my results were that I still have polycystic ovarian syndrome which I expected but it also said "Trace of free-fluid in pouch of Douglas". I was curious what this was so typed it in google and it comes up with "Endometriosis" , so I thought fair enough its growing back this all meant sense & in a strange sort of way I was relieved, it was like pieces of an old jigsaw slotting into a familiar place. On my next visit to see my g.p. she looked at the scan report & said there was nothing worrying on it so I then asked about it saying fluid in pouch of douglas & she just brushed It off saying its nothing & some women get it when they have their period & she thought it unlikely to be endo growing back. I am now back to where I started in pain & confused, if anyone else has had similar findings please, please let me know.

Many thanks


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I have exactly the same as yourself, I have been referred to an endo specialist, I am starting on the drugs for false menopause and if this works then full hysterectomy is what he reccomends, I had my lap done a year ago and its now came back,my ultrasound said the same excess fluid and I was not on my cycle.

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Hi mama1

I am 38 years old and I was told 3 years ago that there was no hope of me conceiving so I asked for a hysterectomy but my doctor refused. On one of my admissions I asked the registrar for one and was told abt those tablets that put you into a false menopause but told to ask my own g.p. for them, I did and was refused them on the basis I am too young which I can not fathom because if I won,t be having any children why wait? I just don,t know why I am being turned away all the time.


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