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Steroid injection

I had steroid injections in my stomach a few weeks ago to help with the pain. It was done by ultra sound and was quite painful at the time and for a week or so after but I can honestly say that I am feeling a lot better and the pain isn't as intense. The old swelly belly is also less swollen!!! So I will be going back for more in a couple of months time as you have to have them every 3 months. Just wanted to let all you fab ladies know about it so you could maybe try it yourselves, obviously via your doctors or pain clinic. Here's hoping it works for me for a while :) X

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I had the same thing done after Lupron Depot because all Lupron did was make me gain 30#... the steroid shots added another 20# after a year of getting them. Which I suppose was to be expected considering they are steroids :(


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