Temp menopause injection

Hi all, I'm due my injection tomorrow that stops my ovaries from working for next 6 months! I've wrote loads of questions down ready to ask Dr before he jabs me. My main question that I'm worried about and I was wondering if it has happened to anyone. After the 6 months did anyone's ovaries NOT start back up or had major issues? What was the worst side effects people had? I know everyone different but I just want to be aware what could be. Thanks

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  • I had the monthly prostap injections for four months and didn't experience any side effects, in fact having the injections helped me with my endo symptoms. My period returned 6 weeks after my last injection.

  • And has your endometriosis fully gone? That makes me feel better

  • These injections are the best treatment I've had. You feel a little weird at 1st getting used to them but hen they help so much. My symptoms are the same/maybe worse since then but that's 4 years ago. It was a relief to have that time pain free :)

  • Cool, I gotta have it mid September... Sooo nervous and woz hoping it will be bak too normal....

  • Because endo is incurable I won't consider it fully gone but my months on the prostap injections were the best I've had in years. I was anxious about the idea of them beforehand but now I'm glad I had them x

  • Had my first injection today! Won't lie it does hurt. Was injected in stomach. He answered some questions I had and I feel so much better now I know more. He said it will take 1-2 weeks for the symptoms to appear so can't anxious about that! But my boyfriend been amazing and so have my work friends. Dreading the next one though in 3 months time. Dr also told me after the 6 months he going to put me on the mini pill which will hopefully keep the endo away!

  • Hi

    I've been on zoladex for 3 months, my side affects were mainly mood swings, crying and angry etc but I did get or am still getting hot flushes the night ones are the worst getting them every half hour, I don't think I slept for more than 45 mins at a time when I started zoladex, But it did stop my periods after just one injection, I had my last injection 5 weeks ago and my pain has really started to kick in over the last few days and I'm still getting bad hot flushes, everyone's experience will be different while on these type of injections, yes it stopped my pain but to be honest I won't have another course as I value my marriage and I couldn't put my family through the moods again x x x

  • I didn't find out which injection I had just know I have 2 over the six months. I don't know if this is down to the injection but I hardly slept last night! Don't know how I'm going to function at work today! Can finally take the plaster off as it carried on bleeding most of day yesterday where he injected me in stomach. Just feels sore and bruised now. Just the waiting game now for the symptoms to appear.

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