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Treatment for endo


Diagnosed with endo 14th August after having keyhole surgery. Due to have the zoladex injection tomorrow but at 22 I have talked my self out of getting it and have asked to discuss different options. Main reason I changed my mind is because I'm not keen on the symptoms of menopause which will be brought on through the injection.

Any advice would be appreciated. I've declined the implant and coil and just want to know of other options people have been offered?


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I am currently on the way to the treatment centre now to see my surgeon as I have been on hormonal treatment therapy for 5 months now and yet there is no change.. if anything it's made it worse :/ but everyone is diff.. it might work for u. I hope he can offer me a different option as im not keen on the coil idea!


I think I'm going to see what else is available before making any final decisions. Good luck to you x


Was the zoladex advised with a view to having more surgery ?

if it was then all I can say is I've had massive benefit from it and menapause effects were nothing to the endo symptoms

If it was suggested for long term use then no you are too young and not good practice

To do nothing about endo and leave you on zoladex as it does not get rid of it just puts it into a sleep state.


Nothing got mentioned for more surgery. But I'm going to discuss more options. I've also got fibromyalgia & arthritis and I already get injections for that and take a lot of medication I'm trying to lower the amount and think adding this injection in will be too much. Thanks for the advice.


Zoladex is fine for having some relief for a while but please don't let them persuade you to stay on long term

all the very best to you


On lip Ron for almost a year then told no hope....hysterectomy. 20 years later...2 teenage boys...now I am ready to actually discuss hysterectomy. Canceled three hysterectomy dates in my 20s and glad I did. Today....doc mentioned same scenario....Lupton then hysterectomy. I shocked myself by how adamant I was/am about not ever doing that again. It was terrible. Agravated psych issues and depression to the extreme for me. A nightmare that did not provide relief but most certainly changed my world....and not for the better. I have an arched back now from bone loss. Scotch/Irish descent. I don't have any options other than what is out there. Was on the pill non stop for years before that. Ended up with severe migraine that docs caught as warning sign of immenent stroke. Glad it helps many....but I'm no longer willing to say "okay" as I was in my twenties.


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