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4 days post op leaky incision

Hi everyone. Had a lap on Monday where they found endo on ovaries, pelvic wall and uterine ligaments. When I was back on the ward I noticed my stitches in the belly button cut had come undone and out so the wound was completely open. Eventually got a doctor back who closed the wound with glue.

Pain wise I'm feeling better today, although still sore.

Yesterday i woke to find a small amount of blood from glued incision, I rang the ward and they gave me an appointment to get checked. Went in nurse said it looks fine and put 2 steri strips over the glue.

This morning the wound is leaking again but this time very watery and almost a tan colour.

Is this normal?

Wound looks messy and I'm cross about the thickness the scar may be b ecause it wasn't restitched.

Please help!

Thank you!

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