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I've been diagnosed with a cyst on my right ovary in a space of 3 weeks its grown from 4cm to 7cm!!!!!!!!! been admitted twice still haven't discuss bout removing it am on medication am dizzy and sweaty and hot and in pain all the time top of that i've got endometriosis which the docs asked me why didn't they remove which i said the same too wondering if anyone else is going though the same

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They can grow fast. they can leak and refill, they can explode and refill too.

When you have a fast growing cyst - it hurts but also it is more likely to be a candidate to burst suddenly and at the most unexpected moment, which in a split second has you paralysed inpain and unable to move, possibly even in so much pain you cannot scream for help.

So having had this happen twice now, my No.1 bit of advice is keep a mobile phone on you at all times and charged up. Should the cyst burst (and boy will you know bout it) then call for an ambulance or someone to come and take you straight to A&E as soon as you are able to.

The pain can be off the scale intense and so sudden, and needs intramuscular pain relief urgently.

there really isn't anything you can do to prevent this happening, it's pot luck to some extent whether it does happen or the cyst just keeps growing till it can be surgically removed.

Avoiding any sudden pressure or twisting or use of tummy muscles may avoid aggravating a fragile cyst causing it to pop or spring a leak.

Having said that, both my explosions were when I was doing nothing, once when asleep and the other occured while sat watching tv.

After No.1 cyst exploded I was scanned a fortnight later and the cyst had deflated completely and there was debris scattered in the tummy, but within 2 months it had refilled and was 6cm (that was the last time it was measured before surgery about 6 weeks after that, so it would have been even bigger by then.

Ilso had another cyst 8cm which was not in the least painful - I had not got a clue it was there, it was stuck down behind the uterus in the POD along with an ovary and caused me no problem at all.

It too was removed in surgery along with the angry cyst and the ovary that the angry cyst was encompassing.

The healthy ovry was saved and lter went on to have more cysts, one which burst much as the 1st one had done, and the current cyst which is not much of a problem at all. it is still there been a couple of years now.

Not all cysts need to be removed.

Hospitals usually monitor you with a followup scan in few weeks, hoping that either the cyst will deflate on its own, or leak away or explode. most cysts do go by themselves.

It's the cysts that are painful grumbling away every day and showing no signs of shrinking or popping that are best removed in surgery.

If your cysts are endometriomas (blood filled cysts) as opposed to the other types of ovarian cysts, then hve a lookon the list of accredited endo centres, pick the most convenient to you and tke the details to your GP and ask to be referred to the endocentre.

An endometrioma cyst is stage 3 or 4 endo and this surgery is the type carried out by the endo centres.



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