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Sciatic endometriosis

Does anyone here have experience with sciatic endometriosis? I was diagnosed with endo in 2001 and have had 2 x laser treatments which helped with pain and multiple medical treatments. Pain had gradually got worse since having, my second child 2 years ago. after some research, I believe that I have been potentially suffering sciatic endometriosis since 2001. Gyne team in 2001 said don't go looking and consultant today says sciatic endo does not exist but wi perform another laparoscopy and treat uterine endo if found.

How and who will look at the sciatic nerve for me!! Please advise if you can...


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There are published papers on this that I found in 2002 when I researched this. I suspected that this was what I had following long experience of endometriosis including deep endometriosis. It turned out that I was correct. Health professionals are reluctant to take this on board as it is extremely difficult to deal with. You could take the references for published papers to your gyne team. However I wouldn't suggest they go investigating as you could end up worse off.

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Thank you . I went with papers on my phone but she was closed and wouldn't listen. I am going back to gp next week and will share the paper with him and I think ask for an MRI.

What route did you get diagnosed and what treatment if you don't mind me asking? I have needed lower spine surgery and the two areas of medicine have just wanted to push me over to the other team but neither have been willing to look at cross over of symptoms. Is it is on my sciatic nerve, I suggested this 13 years ago and am now more convinced. Likelihood is that permanent damage is already done...


I went to France, a gynaecologist there recognized what was happening as he had worked with a neurologist and specialist pelvic pain team. I had surgery by the lead neurosurgeon in the team. I know the people working in this field through the charity I co-founded, some of whom are on our medical panel: pelvicpain.org.uk

What effect does this have on your activity and do you know what the spinal problem is ?


Hi Endo does affect sciatica nerve and can be removed through excision surgery, there are consultants qualified to do this, lazer treatment will only last for a short period of time. Goggle excision surgery, hope this helps

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