Struggling to get dr appointment, advice?

Has anyone had the implant to help with endo? I'm struggling to get an appointment for the drs so thought I would ask you lot? I was only diagnosed with endo last year but I've struggled with all the symptoms since I was a teenager, I had the implant after having my daughter and from what I can remember a lot of the pains were muted while I was on it, I managed to join a gym and lost 5 stone so I know the symptoms went for a while, but could that be because I had just had a baby as I know that can help with the symptoms aswell? I really don't like the thought of the coil but was thinking I could just miss out the drs and go to the family planning to get the implant?

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  • I had the implant after i had my daughter....i didnt have endo at that point.i had it removed and now im waiting for a laprascopy for endo treatment.the consultant told me that the implant suppressed my endo symptoms and so since ive had it out i have had the pain.i had it removed because of unusual bleeding but i wish i had kept it in now because i would prefer that to the pain from endo!!!!

  • Thankyou for the reply :) think I will go have it put in, I had it out about 18months after having my daughter cause I started feeling sicky all the time, but I would rather that than all the symptoms of endo! :)

  • Yes the family planning clinic can arrange contraception for you, but if you dohave endo and find insertion of equipment in the vagina too painful, then you need to ask for anaesthetic before having the coil inserted and to do that you would need to speak to your GP and ask for a referal to the local hospital gynae unit.

    If you suspect you'llbe able to cope wth the installing without an anaesthetic , perhaps having a strong pain killer before the procedure will be enough for you, then certainly you can get it done at family planning.

    Skyla lasts 3 years, Mirena lasts 5 years...or the arm implants Implanon/Nexplanon would be 3 years and avoid the need for implant down below.

  • Thanks for the reply :) Yeh it's the arm implant I was looking at getting, I just think downstairs is messed up enough without adding the coil into it! Lol and stops me having to go to the drs as we all know not many of them have much knowledge of endo unfortunately x

  • I had my coil in at a family planning clinic and its very hit and miss with doctors there that have knowledge of endo. I had the implant for 2 and a half years but stopped it due to my periods being all over the place. I must say though its completely painless procedure as its only the needle for the general you feel

  • To be honest I never had any anaesthetic when I had my implant in, or taken out, I have a pretty high pain threshold and hate having drugs put into my system unless I really need to, I hate even taking paracetamol lol I just think the pains still going to be there so what's the point!

  • Fair play! I didnt realise you had the choice they just gave it me

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