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Endo and exercise?

Hi all, after months of continuous pain and years of problems I've recently been diagnosed with endo after my lap. Unfortunately it came with the news that I'm not going to be able to conceive naturally and in order to treat it they are going to induce the menopause. I feel like a lot is out of my control, and so I want to take some control back. Before the pain I was a really keen walker, but can hardly manage a simple short relaxed walk with all the pain (even on all my painkillers). I want to do some form of exercise to make me feel better about myself and help with the tiredness but I don't know what. Any ideas? I've never done it, but wondered about something like yoga? If anyone had any hints, tips or experiences I'd be grateful to hear them. Thank you x

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I have had endo for over 20 years and the best exercise I have found is yoga and tai chi. I used to love walking but found it was too draining. Www.endoyoga.com is a good place to start as some yoga classes I've been to are too much




I've recently been diagnosed too, i understand what your saying about feeling like things are a bit out of your own control. I'm hoping my next appointment with my consultant will help, but i've also found this site so helpful. Everyone here is so supportive and any questions you have you can get honest answers and opinions. It seems like a silly thing to say but try not to let things get you too down, your on your way to starting to feel better now :)

With exercise i still enjoy walking but too far or standing up too long just makes me tired and achey. Something i've been doing for about 6 months now though is Pilates, in particular Blogilates on youtube. There are lots of different videos to try (not all of them easy!) and you can chose what you want to do based on how you feel. I really like the roar challenge. It also saves money signing up to a class and you can just stop or change video if you begin to feel unwell, all you need is a really good yoga matt. The 'workouts' range from cardio to muscle building to flexibility, easy to super difficult.

The best things are Low impact workouts, like Yoga and Pilates or even a bit of swimming. Just give whatever you fancy a go!

Hope your doing well.



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