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Hey everyone,

I had my laparoscopy last Monday and was kep in hospital until Thursday as I had an infection with a raging temperature and also had to have a catheter until the Wednesday. They removed quite a lot of endo apart from where it's too close to the bowel they wouldn't touch it.

I'm still in so much pain atm and was really hoping by now I'd be much more pain free then I am, I'm house bound and trying to walk every day to help but I'm also so shattered. Is this pretty normal?


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My consultant seemed really blase about the recovery time of a lap - said I could be back in work the next day if I wanted. Sod that, my operation couldn't have gone any smoother but it still took me a whole week to feel better from anaesthetic and able to walk properly. Then a further couple of weeks to be entirely comfortable wlking for any length of time. And you shouldn't do anything excessive for a good 8-10weeks after.

So bearing that in mind, the fact that you had so many complications as well, your body is going to be shattered. Listen to it and don't push it too far and gradually it will get there. It differs depending on the individual but especially with your circumstances I'd imagine it will take a little longer so I wouldn't worry too much. If it continues being really painful even with you doing minimal activity though, go back and get seen to xxx


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