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Please help-ruptured cyst?

Hello just need some advice. About two days ago when on last day of period I had the most incredibly painful cramps in my lower stomach, sides and genitals. I swear I could feel my cervix was so sore and felt like it was 'expanding' even though wasn't!

I had no bleeding at all but my stomach became so swollen. I couldn't walk properly and just had to lie there in pain for a while and wait for pain killers to kick in. Thank goodness for my mums super strong ones! A few hours later I felt very weak and dizzy but passed after around 20 mins.

Yesterday I felt 'sore and achy like the pain from the day before had pulled all the muscles in my sides and stomach. I was still really bloated.

Last night same searing pain but more focused around my right ovary. I could barely move and again had to wait for pain to subside after around an hour when it thankfully did.

I don't know if I have a ruptured cyst?? I know I have two endo cysts on my left ovary that I'm waiting to have removed.

I'm sore today, my right side feels so so tender and my stomach is huuuuge!

Any help would be appreciated. Will try to get to drs tomorrow x

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Certainly does sound exactly like one cysts has popped, and if it happens again please get to A&E so you can be checked out. Your GP may send you for a scan in any case but it won't be an urgent one, whereas presenting at A&E can often get you scanned the same day. It may be that they just organise a follow up scan in few weeks just to check the cyst is gone, or if it has refilled up again which they can do.

The damage caused by exploding cysts can be extensive, because the debris splatters in all directions and it will injure and irritate whatever it hits, causing bruising and swelling and that does take time to calm down and recover.

Several days rather than hours. If the pains continue then it could be a sign that the cyst is refilling but still leaking this can get very annoyingly painful.

As you are waiting surgery anyway, whatever the outcome the other cyst will be removed and if this burst one has refilled then it too will be taken out.

There isn't much you can do but wait and see what happens. Take pain killers as and when you need them, definitely report the incident to your GP and be alert for infections. They don't all cause infection but occasionally some do. It is major even inside your body which is why it hurt so damn much in the 1st place, so do allow a few days of recovery to get over this.

Stay off work and rest and look after yourself as best you can. Don't over do the activities.

I have had two explode and each time the pain was paralysing. Cyber hugs to you, hope your feeling better really soon. It ain't nice at all.

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