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How are you all ?

How are you all ?

Hello ladies.

How is everyone doing? I've noticed that this forum has been quiet since the update. But I miss you all !

I'm doing okay (ish) ! My Endo and adeno are still letting me know that they are there and causing me pain and heavy bleeding. I haven't got my date yet for my hysterectomy, right ovary removal, excision and bowel surgery. Hopefully it will be in September.

I would love to know how everyone is doing.

Lots of love and best wishes,

Barbara x

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Hi Barbara,

You are right...far less activity on the board since the format changed.

Sorry to hear you have no date yet.

I can't cope with the endo on top of everything else now so I'm going to try and get it seen to. My hips are giving me trouble and I'll start a new thread on a good article I found on this.



Good morning Brownlow.

Is Mr T going to have the pleasure of your company? I think we both need to sort our Endo out ! We need to show it we are in charge! X


Yes Barbara. Mr. T it is. Hope he has the A-Team with him! I'll still have to think long and hard about it all though. It's so annoying because I only have that one remaining symptom of right ovary pain which is now affecting my hips. Grrrr. If I could just get on top of that. Such a shame given that all my efforts have produced good results with all other symptoms.

I think you got your GP on the case last week. Would there be any use in writing to your specialist. Who exactly did your GP speak to?


I think sometimes our body shouts at us... Saying I can't deal with this Endo anymore. I think our bodies are doing that now! (I can definately hear mine!)

But we've done so well! You have given me so many tips that have made life easier (magnesium baths and linseeds ) and your support has been brilliant. And I have given you.... mr Beckham ! What more could we need?

But now we have to relinquish a small amount of control and trust our bodies to the experts to make our quality of life better. Together we can kick endo's bum !

My GP is writing to my specialist to expedite my case ! I don't want to push it too much, as there are ladies in far more need than me.



Hi Barbara,

You put that so well. I agree with you. I feel I've kept my part of the bargain and I know I've done my best so perhaps it's time for surgery but definitely with a different surgeon this time around. I feel I'd be in a worse position if I hadn't changed my diet and made some changes. I've had the time to research not just endo but health in general. Maybe I needed to hear that message loud and clear.

Thank you too for all your amazing support and encouragement not to mention all the laughs! Every time I see Mr. B I laugh and think of you!

You're right about not being too pushy and it sounds far better for your GP to write. That's good. Fingers crossed...although I think you deserve to be seen immediately after all you've been through!


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