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How long should I have someone with me after my lap?

I have my lap in just over 2 weeks, my boyfriend is asking how long I'm gonna need him around afterwards. I don't know what they're doing:- its my diagnostic lap, if they find endo and it's minor, I've been told it'll be burnt off, if it's severe, they'll just diagnose and operate again at a later date.

How long will he need to be at home for?

Thank you.

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A day or so for someone to be with you all the time, but after that, so long as you keep a mobile phone with you charged up and ready to use, then you should be fine just resting and pottering about the house.

For baths and showers - probably best done with someone else in the house just in cqse you have problems with your mobility getting in and out the bath or dizzy spells standing up for awhile having a shower. And Do Not Lock the doors.

I had a laparotomy and on day 1 was walking around (with pain) but still managing to get slowly from A to B. It was certainly helpful to have someone cook a decent tea time meal, but microwaveble meals are just as useful if you haven't got help available 24 hrs a day.

A lot of people don't, and parents and partners need to go to work, or shopping or doing whatever they need to be doing. If you're considered well enough to go home then after the initial 24 hrs, having a much better idea about what things you can and cannot do, and what you need to prepare or get help with, then it's much easier to plan things and save chores for when extra helping hands are around.


Hey I had a lap in 2011 they found minimal endo & burnt it away. I was tender for 24 hours & felt weak for 3 days. Had my mum on hand and milked the attention. If u can I would say have your bf on hand for 24 hours more if poss. Great advice from impatient as always. Take care & I hope it goes well x


Hi There

I had my first lap 1 week ago yesterday. They performed diathermy on the tissue they found. I also had a lot of adhesions which they also got rid of. My boyfriend had limited holiday left so could only take a half day on the day after my surgery and then had to go back to work.

For me, it took a good couple of days before I could sit up and stand up easily without his help and I had real problems with nausea for several days. So ideally I needed him with me for longer than I'd anticipated. It just meant some good planning, ensuring that I had absolutely everything I needed before he left for work. I slept on the sofa for the first few days so he set up a dining chair next to the sofa with everything I needed for the day so I didn't need to get up too much, and if I did then I had the chair for support. I definitely second the need to have someone around when you bath or shower, and keep the door unlocked or open.

Everyone is different. It's not just going to depend on what you have done but also where any tissue is located and burnt away and how your own body responds to the procedure. Listen to your body and you will know your own limitations.

Wishing you all the best for the procedure xx



Just 24 hours as is normal due to the anesthetic, I made dinner the day I got out and was back in work 3 days after my lap, everyone's different though you see some ladies needing 2 weeks bed rest

Good luck x


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