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Mefenamic Acid


I have been diagnosed with PCOS/Fibroids and due to non - stop heavy bleeding, my GP prescribed me Norethisterone which I took for 10 days and it helped. After the 10 days the heavy bleeding came back and I took Norethisterone and now it has been 7 days and still bleeding and also this time I have severe abdominal pain - painkillers not helping.

Spoke to my GP, told me to come in on Monday, continue Norethisterone and has prescribed Mefenamic Acid to take for the pain.

I was just curious, has anyone taken Mefenamic Acid with Norethisterone ? Does it work at all ?

How many hours after taking Norethisterone, can I take Mefenamic Acid ?

Thanks in advance

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I was prescribed Mefanamic Acid by itself for horrendous period pains for years and was told to start taking it a few days before my period for it to work fully - which wouldve been fine if I had regular periods! Ive never taken Norethisterone so cant help you with that. To be honest, I found alternating Ibuprofen with Paracetomol worked as well as Mefanamic (ie taking 2 Ibuprofen every 4 hours, then 2 paracetomol in between, so in effect I took some type of tablet every 2 hours). A hot water bottle, heatpad or TENS machine can aslo be a great help.


I think it is a fantastic combination for reducing massive blood loss and pain


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