Mefenamic acid - is there a general problem with stock/supply?

HI - I can't find a chemist with any stocks of mefenamic acid. Which is a disaster. When I spoke to my local pharmacy they said they had not had any 500mg for months and that the 250mg had been discontinued?! I am off to see my GP about it as it was a repeat prescription so I had just ordered as usual ... Wondered if anyone knew about issues?

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  • I had the se problem a few moths ago, apparently there is an issue with the supplier. I had a look online and apparently there is a global shortage, not only UK, not sure why x

  • Thanks, the pharmacist I spoke to didn't know why either...

  • I rung 5 chemists and only 1 had it available!

  • Oh no I have tried calling a couple of other chemists but it is the middle of the day so they don't pick up!

  • Apparently 500mg are being discontinued but 250mg currently still being manufactured. Apparently its because not many people use it any more-only thing that works for me!

    I was going to ask my gp about trying naproxen x

  • Oh no! It's one of the only things that works for me! I had real trouble getting it before, but I didn't realise that was the reason.

  • It's weird because a well known online pharmacy has it available as the brand name Ponstan Forte 500mg, but only on private prescription. The NHS always used to give me the generic mefenamic acid so I guess that must be cheaper and manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company.

    I switched to naproxen when mefenamic stopped working for me, so you might find that an option.

  • Hi all - update from the suppliers (Teva-UK) who I contacted myself after no joy with the various pharmacies and my GP had no idea either...

    'Unfortunately I do have to confirm that we are currently out of stock of the Mefenamic Acid 500mg Tablets. The expected back in stock date that we have is the first quarter of this year. As this isn’t an exact date I will keep your details on file and contact you as soon as I can provide a more accurate date.'

    I will let you all know if I hear a date!

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