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Help please if possible <3

I will be having my diagnosis lap soon haven't got a date yet, The gyne I saw a few weeks ago said that my symptoms doesn't sound like endometriosis or adenmyosis

Symptoms are..

Pains in abdomen, painful periods, I can feel myself ovulate, tiredness even if i have had a good sleep, painful bowel movement, pain in my back and around my kidney area I think it is how I walk sometimes, painful internal examination, and sometimes I find it hard to have bowel movement... I was on the depo injection but the dr has taken me off it to see how I go without and hormone treatment like the coil and arm implant...

Well my question is what if they don't find anything and I know an mir can pick up andenmyosis as you have dye stuff put in your vein to see if you're utrurs is bleeding (leaking) as a helpful fb group told me one that supports adenomysis. Im worried because my gyne and dr doesn't think it is endometriosis and it must be nerve pain (as it's all in my head and nothing is going on), and my gyne said that the only way to know if it is adnenmyosis is to have a hysterectomy but I'm only 19 and would like to try and have children of my own :(

One sad person as I have other things wrong too.. hope you are all well and not in to much pain, sorry for the long post.. mamy thanks mikeala xxx

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I can't offer any advise, but I'm in a similar situation.

My doctors have said I have symptoms of endo and I am due to have my lap in 2 weeks but they have told me that 50% they do the operation on don't have anything wrong with them. So now i'm more worried they won't find anything as I've had so many different tests done over the last 2 years, I don't know what else it could be and I can't keep going through the pain every month.

All I can say is I hope it all works out for you and keep friends and family close for support xxx


Thank you.. hopefully you will get some answers, and have great support

I have my mum and dad rhat are supporting me..xxx


Hi Mikeala, I think you might want to seek a 2nd opinion. All the symptoms you describe cld most certainly be linked to having endometriosis and possible adhesions as well. I'm not so knowledgable abt adnenmyosis but I'm sure others here wld be able to comment on that. If it is any help I have all the symptoms you mentioned (plus some others :( ) and I have a confirmed diagnosis of endo. Hope that helps, xxx


Thank you, yeah I think I will get an 2nd option as there is 1 dr that thinks I might have endometriosis... I also have a thicken womb which the dr that thinks it endo says it not right.. just confused really..xx


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