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Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia help please :(



I am yet to get my date for my laparoscopy even though it was meant to be in October. The consultant said he is pretty sure I have endometriosis from the scans though.

I have suffered from the usual symptoms;

Pain during intercourse

Odd period cycles

Bleeding after sex

Brown blood

Pain basically all the time, ten times more extreme than any period pains I’ve suffered from

I also suffer from;




Bleeding heavily from bottom after bowel movement and also now at the same time I bleed from vagina

My symptom that mostly is affecting me is my extreme exhaustion. I mean, I’m a Mum. I know what tiredness feels like. But this is just awful. I get home from work and I go straight to bed. I can’t even cook dinner anymore, and I love cooking. I find the smallest task a total burden.

Through work I am tired but I work at a behavioural school and I almost just fight on. As soon as I get in my car I feel awful. I almost feel hungover constantly. My muscle ache and are stiff. I find it hard to sleep at times.

I already take iron pills as I’m anemic but this is just getting worse. Even after a good nights sleep I’m shattered.

I googled endometriosis and exhaustion and fibromyalgia came up and upon reading the symptoms it’s basically summing me up.

If I go to the doctor will they help me here? Is there anything that they can do? I am so fed up of feeling like total crap all the time. I’m not enjoying my son growing up as I’m so irritable constantly and I’m just giving my family a hard time.

I feel totally and utterly exhausted. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I also worry about cancer, as this is quite common in my family with my auntie being misdiagnosed for years, then finding bowel cancer which unfortunately has spread to most internal organs. This worries me a lot.

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I have endo and fibro you need to go and talk to your doctor to make sure it is fibro and they understand fibro too they might be able to give you something Im the same and also I've been over sensitive with everything xxx

harrietkatie in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. I just broke down to my partner. I am so fed up of feeling tired all the time. I will call GP tomorrow and get an emergency appointment.

I also think I just need a day off tomorrow. I feel like I could just lay in bed all day, it’s just awful.

What treatment is available if any?

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I am allergic to a lot of tablets but if you go on to the fibro part on here someone will help you are they are the niecest people xxx


If it is about the treatment of endometriosis, I heard a friend said that a herbal fuyan therapy is very effective. She had tried it and the pain was relieved a lot. I think you should relax. Stay positive and see your doctor. Fighting!

Yes, me too. I am sorry but this has become a disease which is effecting more women in a serious way. When I was diagnosed long-time ago I was unusual, mine in lungs, just so many symptoms. The opps I had just gave short breaks with pain. The drugs are good, its a juggling act with the illness and family. At the moment I have started having difficulty with kidney function. I had to give up a good career, the IVF failed. Use Tens machine, hot bottles, anything. I have a excise ball at home to do core exercise. I can't even too much swimming without swelling up or walking far. Meditation helps. So has healing. I attended a course and do it to myself. My best just make sure your family understands this illness. I tried to hide it. The important thing is not to keep talking about it as people can't take on suffering. Some how you have to come to terms with yourself, that's the first step then hopefully your mood will improve. Always give yourself more sleep, rest or everything else will be too much. xxx

I have the same problems! I dont even know if i have endometriosis or cancer. Although i think they've ruled out cancer. Acupuncture has helped so much with my cycle but the exhaustion and lowering of my immune system are just killers :( Hope we get some answers :) Fibromyalgia runs in my family.

I went back to dr yesterday and saw a new lady. She sent me off to have a blood test today. She has tested for CA125 too. So we shall see. She has also written a letter to the consultant to hurry up my appointment! X

Im a sufferer of fibromyalgia precipitated by hormone tabs and injections. Diagnosis was made by a very senior neurologist in India. All Egypyian andKuwaiti and Indian docs failed to fiagnose and continued giving me dagerous medicine after making a false diagnosis. I get muscle spasm znxiety shooting blood pressure anxiety and palpitation.

Oil massages are v good I hv found out.

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