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Hi everyone

I'm just wondering if anyone else is doing slimming world? Or any other weight loss plan? I started last week. I put on some weight after sitting on my butt for six weeks after my op and I'm hoping getting my BMI down may help us TTC. Also being prepared incase we do need IvF and I don't want a few extra pounds to stand in the way.

I thought maybe we could offer each other support on here? (If thats allowed) I'm struggling with doing excerize at the mo because still in pain :-( so frustrating x

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  • I haven't ever done slimming world but I have done the endo diet - cutting out sugar, wheat and processed food has been the most effective way of me losing weight. I started with walking after my op and gradually built it up and up until I was allowed to run and go to my exercise classes again. I remember feeling very frustrated at not being able to exercise! Good luck x

  • Im desperate to go slimming world but too nervous to go alone!

  • How much did u loose doing the Endo diet windmill? You should go pixie! Everyone is so friendly and every week they have new starters so you wouldn't be alone. I text the group leader to say I was coming and she made sure I knew where I was going and what I was doing etc. there are people of all ages at ours and the older ladies who go are really friendly and cute. You won't regret it! X

  • You aint in london are you? Haha

  • I'm not following SW at the moment but I have in the past. I lost 3st the first time, managed to put on 2 again and lost 1st the next time I joined. I've now maintained that weight (2st off original) for over a year. I went down to 9st which I found difficult to maintain at and found I was between sizes so came up slightly to fit into 10s.

    I like SW because there is so much you can eat unrestricted so always something to munch on if you're hungry. I found red days more suited to good weight loss and I could lose 2-3lb a week if I was really strict. I averaged 1lb a week normally though. Key is definitely finding a good group.

    Good luck x

  • Wow you have done amazingly well! Lil_me. I'm really enjoying it because it's so easy. It's so flexible just takes a bit of planning. No pixie I live in Kent. But far for to come for slimming world! X

  • Hi, I'm doing slimming world and find it works really well, and eating better helps bowels worth a go! Good luck :) x

  • Hello,

    I'm doing weight watchers at the moment. I found I couldn't commit to going to meetings because of my pain so I do it online. You get an app to record all of your meals on and to find out how many points everything is. I think I pay something like 15 pounds a month for the membership. I can't exercise either because I'm in too much pain but I've still managed to lose a stone so far! xxx

  • I went to slimming world and followed it to the T. I put weight on. Now I'm doing it my own way and have lost half a stone at 1-2lb a week. I have reduced my sugar intake and cut my carbs (I am a BIG carb eater) so changed white pasta to brown rice. I have also decided to do a charity 5k because I have never been able to run and this motivates me to go to the gym.

    I also bought a book from the works. It cost me £2.99 and it's called 'Diet Doodle Diary'. It has places to write in measurements and weight and RHR and all your goals short and long and its really motivating as it looks at the whole picture not just weight loss. I would recommend it to anyone trying to loose weight/have a healthy lifestyle. I know slimming world already give you food/exercise diaries but its all in one book with other bits and bobs. It's brilliant :)

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