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why am I bleeding?

I had my period 2 weeks ago, on Monday morning I woke up and 1 hour after I had woke up I felt a wet patch in my pants so I went to the toilet and there was a lot of brown liquid in my pants? I didn't think much of it then I became really dizzy and felt really sick, but before I had noticed this 1 week after my period I had been waking up every morning feeling sick or having a really sore stomach. but back to this week, I have either been bleeding red or having that brown liquid? just in little patches like spotting's. I've been having really sore stomachs since this and really sore lower back pains. also I had sex with my boyfriend on the 14th of June so a week before my period? and again on the 28th so a week after my period? can someone tell me what's wrong? thank you!!

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when you say brown liquid - is this really liquid or more of a gel mixed with the old brown menstrual lining stuff? is there any abnormal smell too?

Brown sludge is something that can come out at any time if it didn't all come out with your period bleeding sluicing it away, but at a later point in time either with you having sex the ejaculate from your partner and extra lubrication from you can give the remaining sludge a boost to send it down the chute, even a rise in hormones when you ovulate can be enough to trigger enough extra cervical mucus to lubricate the sludge to come out.

It normally is not liquid with cervical mucus but a more clear and smell free gel.

Discoloured or smelly discharges are signs of an infection which is why I ask. Brown sludge is NOT infection, it's just old period lining which had shed late and lost its bright red colour when it lost the oxygen content.

To be on the safe side pop to your GP or the local sexual health clinic and get them to swab you up the vagina and cervix to test for any infections. It will be a great weight off you mind if those come back negative, then you know this was a normal mid-cycle discharge just a bit runnier than usual.

If you did have unprotected sex and are not on any form of contraception then obviously also do a pregnancy test to rule that out as a cause too.

It could be a one off, or it may happen again next month or in a few months time.

It certainly may be nothing at all to worry about, but for your own peace of mind do get checked out for pregnancy and infections. Best of luck.


I agree with everything said above. I have something similar which I had tests for. It turns out it was ovulation bleeding! Apparently some women get a little blood after a strong ovulation. It is usually brown by the time it had escaped from the ovaries. Hopefully it might be something like this for you! The timing sounds right. Do get things check out though just to be sure.


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