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Anyone in Belfast get a cancellation appointment for a Lap?

I was originally told the waiting list was 26 weeks which would bring me to the end of August, but now they are saying the list is closer to nine months. I have to have a Lap to remove chocolate cyst before IVF. I have stated I am available for a cancellation but just wondering what are the chances of a getting a cancellation? I'm really gutted it's going to be 9 months waiting :-(

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Hi there

I had my lap (at Belfast City Hospital) after 5 months as put myself on a cancellation list so that I could get my lap in the summer (I'm a teacher). Fingers crossed you'll be called sooner. Best of luck.


Oh thank you so much for letting me know this, it gives me a bit of hope again that I might get a cancellation, the waiting it the hardest bit x


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