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Diagnostic Laparoscopy


I have a diagnostic laparoscopy for mid August time. I am so ridiculously nervous for it. if anyone could give me any tips/hints/general advice, it'd be appreciated.

Is there anyone from the Huddersfield area of West Yorkshire? is it Huddersfield Royal or Calderdale hospital for surgery? I see gynaecology at Huddersfield, I have my pre op at Huddersfield, although I haven't had it yet, I have a date for it, I'll ask then if nobody knows.

Thanks for any help.

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My advice is try not to worry (easier said than done!!). I was terrified before mine and I was crying my eyes out in the anaesthetic room - the doctor was really lovely, he gave me a little injection and within seconds I was grinning like an idiot (whatever it was, was good stuff lol!!). When they put the anaesthetic into the little thing in the back of your hand, you get a bit of a funny taste in your mouth but then its all over - next thing you'll be waking up :-) It will be a bit sore afterwards, but they give you pain relief and you'll more than likely go home the same day. Just take it easy and you'll be just fine. The only bit that annoyed me is that they come and tell you what they found and what they did while you're too sleepy to really take it in lo!!! Good luck! xxx


When u have the lap they inflate u with gas so that they have more room to work in. They remove what they can of it but some is left and this leaves you feeling bloated and can cause shoulder pain. I always take a bottle of gripe water into hosp with me for afterwards it really helps with the gas. also everyone is different I can manage to get away with pj's now I am used to it as am waitin for op number 8 in 2 yrs. onesies are a good thing as you still all covered and decent but have nothing on your waist. It also depends on what they do during the op aswell to how long recovery takes. don't push yourself I did as after first by 3 wks thought I'm healed etc as wounds were healed but learnt the hard way tried lifting too much and decorating and ended up pulling something inside that hadn't healed so listen to ur body and don't rush it . If they removed stuff etc it can take 6 wks for things to heal internally. If you are feeling brave there are video's of laps on YouTube . don't worry about it though as they do the procedure all the time and most people have it done as a day case (go home same evening) . laxatives are good aswell for after the op as it may feel really sore etc when u go so sometimes it less painful when u have a bit of help. good luck and hope that the op helps you get some relief if u want to talk or any questions answering feel free to inbox me . Good luck and don't worry as hard as it is not to. x


I live in wakefield so will be having my op at pinderfields.I was given the option to have it had huddersfield royal but decided to stay at pinders as It's easier for me to get to.


thank you ladies. I have my letter & I'm booked in at huddersfield royal on the 12th of august.


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