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Today I have a pre-op appointment for my lap op (which is next week) what questions should I ask my doctor? Should I request a dye test too?

After years of complaining to my GP of horrific period pains/bleeding/trouble conceiving I went private to a specialist gyna doctor and she referred me to her NHS clinic. Today I have a pre-op appointment. I am at a loss at what to ask. On my list I've got the following, how will will the procedure take, will I need to stay overnight, will I be told the results on the day, if endo is found will it be treated there and then, how long is recovery, do I have to return for stitches to be removed, what are the common side effects of this procedure. Have I missed anything else? Also on another note my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 18 months now. I've had blood tests & trans vag scan done (both normal) and he has had sperm analysis done too all fine. I haven't had the dry test HSG and wondering should I request for this too? A bit nervous to ask but I really would rather they do it all at once then go back for further procedures. Any suggestions or advice regarding this& questions to ask at my appt this afternoon would gratefully received! Thanks x

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Hello :) all your questions sounds good to me. I always take a list of all my symptoms and information on things like my bowel movements during period/ heaviness etc. and anything generally relating to the pelvis area. The more info you can give the better picture the consultant will have but it also means that you have something to refer to as I tend to get a bit anxious and forget what I want to say. I would ask about the test as the worse they can say is no so talk to them about it. I would also ask if your husband is allowed onto the ward with you as for two of my laps it was a sterile surgical unit which means no visitors allowed with you so you can be a bit prepared. Don't forget a note book and pen so you can take notes of what the consultant says :) best of luck! X


Thank you catness for your reply, was really helpful. Feeling a bit better after my pre assessment appointment now.


Wow! Can I ask where abouts you are? I'm up in Aberdeenshire and I am fed up waiting for the NHS to do something. I've been off work since January as the pain is so bad. It took me self diagnosing to get them to put a referral in for me in March. In the end my mum paid for a private consult because the NHS said September the 25th just for the initial appointment. I had my pre-op the 12th of this month only to find out yesterday it could be up to 3 months before I actually get the lap. At my pre-op they were only interested in hearing about family history, bp etc nothing to do with endo. It would be interesting to compare. I'm so jaded right now, can you tell? lol


Hi I'm based in London I hope you managed to get your appointment sorted.


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