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Is there an option to stop?

18th day of recovery. I've been to the doctor's clinic twice for check-up since I did not look very well week after I got out of the hospital. My thoughts after I woke up from surgery, "finally, my cysts are gone. It's over.". Guess, I was wrong. This time, my doctor prescribed me with another medication, Primolut N. I'm not sure yet how my body will react to it, but she warned me about the weight gain and heavy feeling on my pelvis and breast. To sum it up, after 6 months in Lupron, and a dozens of pills. I'll be taking in even more medications. Good luck dear liver!

I just wish I can stop with the treatment and not worry of it growing back. I know, I should be thankful that my doctor was able to remove both cysts without having to remove any of my ovaries...just a few stitches in it and tested negative for cancer. I just can't help to feel sad knowing that from this day on, I'll be working extra hard not for my dream car or house, but to cover for my medical expenses and future surgery. Getting sick is really expensive, but I did not ask my body to get sick anyway. *bummer


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