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Advice on Zoladex and contraception

Do hormonal contraceptives still work when on Zoladex? I am taking Cerazette (am good at taking it each evening and haven't forgot one yet!), but should I be concerned if I'm having otherwise unprotected sex(steady long term partner)? I've been on both Zoladex and Cerazette for a while now (to sort some endo out) but have always used condoms.

Am I at an increased risk of pregnancy?

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Cerezette is a contraceptive in its own right so if you are taking that it should be ok, unless you miss a dose.


No, nothing except abstinence or condoms will work as some ladies have unfortunately found out. You can still get pregnant on zoladex or prostap so don't believe that it stops anything.

Cerazette will NOT stop a pregnancy, the hormones from zoladex will override the power of the hormones from cerazette. If I were you, I'd wait until you were on the pill alone to have unprotected sex/without a condom.

I have been having unprotected sec with my partner for nearly two years but have had the implant and now I'm on zoladex we're abstaining from sex and if we do then we stop before anything happens.

Just to let you know though, we have had a few mishaps and yesterday I had a pregnancy test and it was negative so it doesn't always happen but you can still get pregnant.

Just don't rely on cerazette to stop a pregnancy as it will not work when you're on zoladex.

Good luck with the rest of your journey and I hope that I was of help to you.

Leya xxx


Thank you for your response Leya. It's definately confirmed my suspicions! Thank you x


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