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Fed up now!!!

Sooo I'm sat in a&e again!!!

Horrendous pain today that isn't responding to pain killers. Was sat watching tv when I felt a weird popping sensation around my right overy area and the pain got so much worse :-( it's now not going between the peaks of pain. And when I went to the loo there was fresh blood on the tissue :-( any ideas what that could be?

Hurting so much but the 2 registras are doing C sections and the SHO is stuck on maternity so it could be ages sat here. Being sat up doesn't help at all :'( x

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Hope they are getting you sorted....I was in last weekend with exactly the same as your describing but was unable to pass urine after the popping inside....they sent me home after two days in agony with antibiotics (even though there is no infection...also stuff to keep my bowel empty (which does nothing) been back twice as pain is so bad but been told I have to wait for more referrals to urology and bowel surgeon...signed off work as doc says im unfit for work but still wont get me seen quicker.....so frustrating...let me know if you find any answers good luck x


Sorry you are feeling so rough, I have given up going to the hospital as all they do is send you home as they are not meant to do anything and they then send you back to your doctors.

Have they said what it could be yet?


Hopefully you've been treated by now, but with the NHS, you never know! ;-)

I have read this sort of description before on here and it sounds like you could have a cyst that has ruptured.


Well it's been over 12 hours since I asked to see a dr and they still haven't been to see me. Been awake since 7am Tuesday.

I'm in pain :-(


You poor thing! I really hope you manage to get some relief soon.


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